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Booking exam

natalsteanatalstea Registered Posts: 7
I am currently self studying for the FA 2018 business tax exam. I noticed on AAT website that FA2019 is also out. How do I go about booking an exam to make sure I sit the FA2018 exam and not 2019? Is there an expiry date for this?


  • LH18LH18 Registered Posts: 3
    The AAT weekly newsletter of the 3/9/19 had the information below which may be useful:

    'From 6 January 2020 the following live tax assessments will be updated to reflect the Finance Act 2019 (FA19).
    •Indirect Tax
    •Personal Tax
    •Business Tax

    You can now find the reference tables and practice assessments relating to the FA19 on our study support search.

    Please note that if you're sitting one of the tax assessments before 6 January 2020 then it'll still relate to the Finance Act 2018 (FA18). The last date to sit a FA18 tax assessment will be 5 January 2020. From then on, only the three FA19 tax assessments will be available for scheduling'

    I would think you can always call to make your booking with the exam venue and double check with them to make sure they enter you for the 2018 one if you're still worried!

    Hope that helps :)
  • natalsteanatalstea Registered Posts: 7
    Oh great thank you so much that has helped massively! I did contact my exam venue but they told me to ask on here haha! Thanks again!
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