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HELP please AAT Level 4

I am a self-study student and I only have the level 4 Synoptic left to sit. I have just started to read up on the exam and I need some guidance (please) from people who have sat this before. Without sounding silly… what is the pre-release material? Is this the actual material you will receive in the real exam or just practice material?

Thanks 


  • Duchess1Duchess1 MAAT Posts: 75
    Logon to your student AAT account. It's in the same section as your practice tests etc.
  • studygirlstudygirl Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you Duchess... I know I can access it there thankfully but my main worry was is the pre release material the same material I will get in the exam?
  • chloewain_chloewain_ Registered, AAT Student Posts: 42
    @studygirl Yes it is, it's not really explained very well to you if you are self-studying (I was too)
    So it is the live material that you will have in your exam. It is important, as a lot of previous students have said they failed their first attempt, and then added a lot of information about the pre-release material and passed
    The pre-release material is still in pop up windows in the actual exam, but you can't take anything into the exam (so if you decide to print off the pre-release material and write notes on it, you cannot take this into the exam) but you will have the same material in the exam in pop up windows. The place that I took my synoptic exam, the pre-release material was actually printed off for me, so I had a paper copy, which I found very useful (i hate those pop-up windows in the exam, as they cover some of the questions). Not sure if every exam place does this, so maybe worth checking if you definitely want a printed paper copy. It's probably not important, like I say, I just found it useful, because pre-release is about 5 pages long, and it's sometimes just easier to have it printed out

    The below video might be of some use, he does ramble on a bit (like I have above, oopsie) but I'm sure he mentions the pre-release material, as i wasn't aware of it actually being live and relevant to the synoptic that I was going to take, until watching this video. He starts talking about synoptic about 15 mins in

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