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Practice Assessment 2, task 1, Cash Budget

chloewain_chloewain_ Registered, AAT Student Posts: 42
I have absolutely no idea how to fill this in, can someone help please.

I've understood the receipts of cash sales as it states in the question that cash sales represents 20% of turnover. So i just did 20% of turnover

But how do I work out the rest? I've looked at the answers, and can't even work backwards, Please can someone help

Receipts of cash sales: 304
Receipts from trade receivables: 1261
Receipt from disposal of non-current asset: 20
Car lease payments: -24


  • hal978hal978 LondonMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 187
    The key is to look for the change from the previous period.

    Non-cash turnover (P6) = 1520 x 80% = 1,216
    Receipts from trade receivables = 1,216 + (890 - 845) = 1,261

    Decrease in NBV of non-current assets = 1860 - 1715 = 145
    Receipts from disposal of non-current asset = 145 - 120 (depreciation) - 5 (loss on disposal) = 20

    Decrease in car lease prepayment = 12 - 10 = 2
    Car lease payments = - (26 - 2) = -24
  • chloewain_chloewain_ Registered, AAT Student Posts: 42
    @hal978 Thank you so so much, I was really lost. Completely get the concept, but didn't know to include non-cash turnover in receipts from trade receivables or depreciation in disposal of non-current asset. But now you have explained it, it makes a lot of sense, thank you so much
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