Own practice-ATT/CTA or ACA/CTA after

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I have my own small practice and studying professional/level 4 AAT, should have member status by mid to late summer next year (currently FIAB and can do quite a bit anyway).

Trying too decide which route I want to go down if I continue studying, my gut is ATT/CTA pathway but have seen the ACA/CTA join scheme too


  • Buhir_the_Bookkeeper
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    Hi I had 12 years experience with AAT qualification and tried to do ACA intermediate papers. Studied at a BPP study centre but found it too difficult as I had missed a lot of the knowledge in the first ACA paper that lead to the intermediate stage.

    I am just about to start the ATT/CTA pathway and I am going to be following the personal tax & business tax and tax for small ltd companies route. I have found that tolleys provide the most competitive rates. Half that of BPP & Kaplan.

    I have taken a lot of advice from seniors in the industry and I enjoy tax so that is the route i am now going to take I have 20 years experience now.

    Possibly contact me if you wish to study together.
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