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Hello all, I’ve currently got a dilemma and I would appreciate your thoughts. I’m finishing AAT lvl 3 this year and moving onto lvl 4 in the new year and looking for work again in an accounts/finance based role and while I do have previous experience (2 years running accounts of an SME) this was 2 years ago and my most recent job is not at all accounts related (nightshift trading assistant at a supermarket) which I’ve been doing for 1 year. Would this be a turnoff to recruiters despite past experience? and in a CV/cover letter how would you explain or treat it?. I see advice everywhere about not including irrelevent experience in job applications but surely I need to if I currently work there. Again, thankyou in advance and hope I can help someone in a similar position to myself with this thread :)


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    Hi James,

    Congrats on nearly finishing Level 3 and moving onto Level 4.

    I agree that work experience that is irrelevant shouldn't be included on your CV. However although your current work may not be related to accounting/finance, you want to show prospective employers/recruiters that you currently are working. Maybe on your covering letters explain why you left the accounting position a couple of years back, was this due to it being an interim/temp role?, or no progression?.... This may be a question that you will get asked. Also explain that you are wanting to step back into an accounting role which will also support your personal development, mentioning that you are moving onto AAT Level 4.

    Just a couple of pointers, I am by no means an expert, but I was in a similar position also.

    Are you on job board websites? REED/Indeed/Jobs Today/HAYS? - they could be quite good as perspective employers/recruiters can also contact you directly.

    All the best in your job search and keep in there, the right role is out there!
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