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Hi All,

I have my Synoptic exam on 8th November and I'm freaking out about the written questions! Does anyone have a list of things they may ask me to write about?

Thank you :)


  • KirstyAAT
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    Hi Katie,

    I am sitting mine the same week as you. Totally freaking out!

    I dont think theres a definitive list of what they could ask but from looking at the mock assessments I have done, it could be anything Final Accounts related! I have revised everything I can think of to do with ltd companies, partnerships & sole traders and also focused on things like going concern, accruals concept and the assumptions. I also noticed in the examiners report that it might ask for users of financial statements so I have made some notes on that. They could ask you anything though couldn't they?!

    How you feeling about the spreadsheet section?
  • Katiecritcher
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    @KirstyAAT This is the last window for the Level 3 Synoptic before March so I really wanted to get it done now rather than waiting another 4-5 months! But now I feel like I've not given myself enough time to revise everything! :#

    The spreadsheet section is actually the part i'm feeling most confident about as I use spreadsheets every day at work. Doesn't stop you from worrying what they will ask you to do with them though!! How about you?
  • Pian32
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    The first part is very ethics related so make sure you're happy with those. The written section could be from anything, at this point you should be fairly happy with the advanced bookeeping material as it leads into the Final accounts module but brushing up on control accounts and methods of depreciation would be a good shout. I'd also make sure you understand accounting concepts such as accruals as you may be asked to explain how it works.

    From the Managment accounts make sure you're happy with the costing methods and how they alter what the profit for a period states.

    The spreadsheets is varied in terms of the skills you will use, make sure you're comfortable with the less frequently used skills (goal seek, what ifs etc) and make sure you read each part carefully (you don't want to accidently miss a screenshot). I'd actually write down on your scrap before you start what you need screenshots of.

    Good luck in the exam
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  • thelowendtheory18
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    I'd echo the above..... I sat my advanced synoptic in September and the one thing that helped me massively on task 1.3 is reading over the threats and ethics.... don't forget about the definition of a sustainable business and sustainable development and the underlying assumptions

    You really should be cashing in on tasks 1.1 and 1.2 so I would defo have a recap on the advanced booking

    Best of luck

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