Vat invoice in director's name

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Hi there
Can anyone can advise is it allowed to claim vat from invoice in directors name? Or is have to be in company name?


  • amurray
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    Hi There,

    I was always told it needs to be in the company name. If the goods/services have been supplied to the company then there is no reason the supplier would be unable to change this.

    However if the goods/services have been supplied to a director - I'd treat this as an expense to the directors loan account, as essentially its for them. This would then sit as a liability on their account.
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  • MarieNoelle
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    Is the supply to the director or to the company?
  • Caspar1
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    When this happens with my clients, I contact them, and ask them to ask the supplier to re-do the invoice in the correct Company name, or they can't claim the VAT back. They usually comply as don't want to miss reclaiming the VAT. The paperwork is then straight.
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