Did anyone take the synoptic level 3 exam today 6 November?

I had a problem at the exam centre first with the key code then with opening the spreadsheet assessments as a message popped up saying the file had been corrupted. Invigilitor sorted these things out but about 10 minutes of my time wasted when I should have been working on the spreadsheets. First part of exam went ok - I believe the results won't be out until 19 December. Anyone else have similar issues?


  • SarahL90
    SarahL90 Registered Posts: 6
    Hiya, I didn't take mine on the 6th, I took mine on the 8th and I also had problems,
    I couldn't open the excel spreadsheets for around 10mins. they had to end up pausing my exam and call AAT to see what was going on.

    I must say I totally threw me off and I ended up rushing against the clock when I did get back up and running. So I don't think I passed this time, really disappointed.
  • LindaClarke_LAC
    LindaClarke_LAC Registered Posts: 8
    I had the key code issue as well. It stated that the assessment was locked.

    This was my second attempt at the Synoptic, so it didn't help the stress levels at the start. Thankfully I didn't encounter the problems with excel. I am sure that you have done enough to pass!! Now we all have to wait until the 19th December, hopefully it will be a good day for us and means a great Christmas!

    The results day seems so far away, but it will come round quickly.

    Are you able to speak to AAT, maybe discussing the issues you had on the day? See if there is anything they may be able to do for you?
  • Jamesmum
    Jamesmum Registered Posts: 5
    I don't think I passed this time - I was so flustered with all the problems opening Excel - they didn't pause the exam so I ended up rushing and didn't finish the second Excel question. It is probably too late to contact AAT by now.
  • Meganr23
    Meganr23 Registered Posts: 1
    I sat mine one the 7th of November, finished section one, clicked next to move onto section two and they programme re started itself and told me I'd finished the exam! Waiting to here back from aat
  • SarahL90
    SarahL90 Registered Posts: 6
    Lets just hope we have all done enough, I believe the exam is marked 70% overall, So if you did amazingly In section 1 and 2 you have a good shot of passing. Fingers crossed to us all.
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