Sypnoptic - past exams done under AQ2013

Hi all,

I have received advice from other AAT Students, as well as my tutor, that I need to look back over the Budgeting Unit as well as the Decision and Control unit in order to be able to revise the full scope for the Synoptic exam. My problem is is that I sat both of these units under AQ2013 and I am therefore worried that I am going to have to learn both these units again under AQ2016.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, could someone offer some guidance on this i.e; is this just new questions? New books? Have AAT taken bits out the exam/replaced with new questions? From looking at the Decision and Control unit specifically, this is quite different from when I sat this exam on the AQ2013 standards, where this exam was called Accounts Preperation..

I am really at a loose end and don't think I will be able to learn 2 units all over again, as well as prepare for all of the other aspects of this exam! Help please :(


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    I done Budgeting and Financial Performance (now called MDCL) under AQ2013 as well as other modules. I then moved to AQ2016 and done External Auditing and the Synoptic.

    You don't need to re-learn the whole of Budgeting and Decision and Control (under AQ2016) as long as you use a good revision book for the Synoptic, which covers everything you need to know including what's in these 2 units.
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    Oh yes Financial Performance is what I meant, not Accounts Preperation! :)

    Are you able to advise on a good revision book for the Synoptic? I only have the Osbourne book!
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    The Kaplan Study text had a good summary of what you need to learn. Their Familiarisation and Practice Kit is even better because it's a mock exam.
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