How long to prepare for BTRN exam

I'm a new starter and I'm wondering how long I should schedule/ how long others have taken to prepare for the BTRN exam? Haven't sat an exam in years so looking for some guidance on how to formulate a study plan/timeline?

I've looked through the learning and assessment plan on my training provider but looking for some answers from real people!


  • Gary1089
    Gary1089 Registered Posts: 8
    Good afternoon Alisa,

    I’m going to have to provide you with the useless answer of ‘however long you need’; when I did BTRN (and most of the others I have studied thus far to be honest) I usually studied the book for a couple of weeks and then booked the exam for a couple of weeks afterwards to force myself into intensive revision.

    I found my training provider’s recommended study schedule to be way out of sync with my timescales, some of the units I was completing in a third of the time recommended by the provider.

    With BTRN especially I found my most useful and effective revision technique was to write up my own cue cards to aid in remembering definitions and bookkeeping entries for the main transactions (basically I would have the question on one side and the answer on the other and i’d Go through the full stack each day until it was lodged in my memory).

    I hope this helps in some way and good luck with your studies!

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