Synoptic Exam Tomorrow - quick help pls!

Hi Guys,

I have been reading a lot of threads on here and something common I keep coming across for the written questions is to always ensure I link back to the question.

I was a little unsure on how to do that in a question. Does anybody have any tips or an example would be even better please!

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    Yes linking back to the question assures the examiner that you understand the question asked and have answered what they are asking. As some students waffle on and start talking about different topics hoping it will bag them marks still.

    An example of linking back to the question could be spotting a weakness in a payroll system (The payroll clerk calculates the payroll and also pays each employee's wages using BACS)

    Below is what I put in my exam..

    (Make your point) The weakness in this payroll system is that the payroll clerk calculates the wages and also pays each employee's wages using BACS. (Explain your point) This is a weakness because there is no segregation of duties here which could result in the payroll clerk calculating the wrong amount or paying the wrong amount to employees. (Use examples) If the payroll clerk calculated the wrong amount and paid the wrong amount to employees then this would put the business at a cost and these errors may not come to light until a later date. (Link back to the question) The information above does not mention that anyone checks the payroll clerks work or calculations therefore an internal control would need to be implemented here to have a segregation of duties in order to spot errors easier.

    The above question I think was Question 3 (I think) where it ask for 5 system weaknesses. I got 'met' on this question from following the above theory.

    Thank you x
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