Covering Letter Help

Currently working as an account manager (glorified bookkeeper) for a property management company. I have a portfolio of 30+ ‘Companies’ that are mine and I take them up to the trial balance period before they go off to an accountants to finalise.

I’m actively seeking a new job, part time as I’m a single parent. I am also taking my Level 4 but have 18 years experience in accounts, various roles and am very confident in all I do…good IT skills, willing to learn etc. I have never worked in practice but would very much like to as my next step.

I’d very much like to approach some local accountancy firms (whether they are advertising for a job or not) and am struggling to compose a good covering letter to say that although I’ve not worked in practice before (all want someone with practice experience), I’m actually a really good bookeeper.

What should my letter say to make me look awesome?
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