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Wanted to asks can the following modules of the AAT that I will be taking can become exemption for the similar modules from the ACCA?
1) Level 3 Indirect Tax, Level 4 Personal Tax and Business tax - can they be an exemption for Applied Skill: Taxation and Strategic
Professional: Advanced Taxation?
2) Level 4: External Auditing - can I have an exemption for Applied Skill: Audit and Assurance
3) Level 3: Final Accounts Preparation and Level 4: Financial Statements of Limited Companies - can they be an exemption from Applied Skill: Financial Reporting

What modules can we potentially get an exemption from ACCA apart from Applied Knowledge?


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    Unfortunately, passing the tax modules of AAT do not permit a student to gain an exemption on F6 Taxation. I know...I already emailed ACCA myself to find out if I could be exempt from the module on this basis, and they stated:

    "Completing the AAT qualifications entitles the holder to exemption from papers F1-F3 only. No further exemptions on the basis of passing optional papers such as PTAX and BTAX are available."
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