Confused on nominal codes and depreciation

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Originally posted this in comments of my previous post, but thought it might be better in a post of it's own.

I'm doing UACS Level 2 exam soon and i'm stuck on task 3 (screenshotted). For the first few, how do I set these up on Sage? I'm mot enquiring about the depreciation. I see one code already set up called depreciation, but i'm not sure if I need to make one for each section (Delivery Vehicles etc.) or put it all into the one nominal code?

Can someone advise how it is best to do this. Thanks so much.


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    In sage there is normally a single depreciation code for the expense but there should also be codes for the fixed asset to assign it. Normally a '00' code for those. The default code for the expense I think is 8000.
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