I struggled with this two topic


Can someone help me with this two topics please as I'm struggling so bad with this topics.

Ledger accounting, including accruals and prepayments and ethical principles
Prepare and process accounting adjustments


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    Can i ask who your leaning provider is?

    All is can say is you need to keep putting your head into a book and attempting practice questions until it clicks

    Did you complete AAT level 2?

    it's not a problem if you haven;t but it will take longer to get your head around the knowledge phase as generally the leaning content assumes you have a basic understanding of Ledger accounting/double entry/accounting equation/ethics/etc etc

    Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting - 30 Nov 18
    Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting - 16 Oct 19
    Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting - 22 Jul 21
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