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I have been working for a company for a couple of weeks, just 2 days a week for 4hours, and I am invoicing them, as agreed every 2 weeks. This is all very new to me, I put on the invoice 'payment due within reciept of invoice' so obviously expecting payment straight away. I have not received any money yet, it has be a couple of days. I was wondering though, would they pay me in 30 days, can they do this? I really wanted payment every 2 weeks. I will speak to the company of course, but want to know what the situation was before I approach them. The employer is not very helpful in telling me things always 'has a lot on' and 'not prepared for me'. Any advice on this would be appreciated.



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    Hi Jane,

    Do you have a formal agreement with them that they should be paying you on 'receipt of invoice'? - If not the company may have put you on their normal supplier run which indeed couple me 30 Days, or 30 Days from the date of invoice.

    If you have only just started working with this company, it is probably best to get this ironed out now, to avoid having any future issues later down the line.
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