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Guys, I am an MAAT. I have an ethical dilemma at work. I work for a large audit firm. I have been assigned to a project where, in my dealings with a client's suppliers, my employer requires me to pass myself off as an employee of a client, and not identify myself as an employee of the audit firm I actually work for. I am not 100% comfortable with my employer requiring me to do this. They are threatening me with adverse consequences if I don't comply. Does anyone know, is an employer entitled, under employment law, to require an employees to pass themselves off as an employee of another entity, and not identify themselves as an employee of the firm they actually work for? Any input would be gratefully appreciated, thank you.


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    Hi Neil, please get in touch with us via or call +44 (0)20 3735 2468 and our professional standards team will be able to advise.
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