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I'm currently studying for my @ Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accountancy I'm looking for advice on how to gain experience while studying for my course.


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    You might considering volunteering to do the books for someone local - perhaps anybody you know locally who is self-employed, or a local church or youth organisation as they always need someone to do their books each year.

    For instance, I'm a Scout Leader - you could ask a Scout Group near to you if they need anybody to be their Treasurer - do the books, draft the accounts. If they have someone already, thank them for their time and ask another Group (there's plenty of Scout Groups around - they might even be able to point you to a Group who does need someone). Not all of them have Treasurers in place (although all of them should according to Charities Commission regulations), and if they don't they'll no doubt jump at the chance of someone to take up the position. ;)

    Doing such a role wouldn't be very much compared to being a full-time accountant, but it would still be a start, and show you have a willingness to work and gain some small amount of practical experience.

    Best of luck! :)
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