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Hi everyone,
In order to kickstart by bookkeeping business, I was thinking of contacting the many Accountancy Practices in my area to enquire about becoming a subcontract bookkeeper and taking on their overflow of business. Just wondered if anyone can advise on how to approach them eg e-mail, letter etc and things to look out for.
Any advice would be very welcome.


  • highlandspring
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    They are competitors so not likely to give you a good reply. Better putting leaflets through the doors of your nearby industrial estates.
  • Neillaw
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    I actually disagree with Highlandspring, I actually work for a couple of practices as a subcontractor book-keeper.
    For me it would depend on the size of the business as a large practice are more likely to use internal juniors as against outside contractors, this is due to competitors as highlandspring mentioned.
    I'm more industry orientated and give something different to their client base so I will be sent book-keeping jobs together with accounts preparation for small mfg accts. The rate is something you would need to watch for as I get a rate which is lower than my usual rate but not much but you'll need to keep an eye on that. If your work is good then you'll soon pick up additional work as word gets around.
    It may be worth looking at some contract work from the recruitment consultants to cover both your quiet period and network connections, so you'll be networking and earning at the same time. I've had a couple of jobs which recontacted me after I've left to do some invoice based work.
    Hope this helps - where are you based.
  • tuftyb
    tuftyb Registered Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice Neil. I did do a leaflet drop as highlandspring suggested, but didn't get any interest from that. There is also a local Parish magazine which does cover a big area, but is quite expensive and noticed after a few issues that other smaller bookkeepers had dropped their coverage.
    I am based in Sheffield and will look into contacting some of the local practices. Will definitely take on board your advice and will additionally look into the social media also to boost my profile around the area.
    Again, really appreciate the advice - Thanks
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