I need help with my written section and spreadsheets

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Please help me!! I really struggle with section 1.3 (the written section) and I am sure I absolutely go through everything. I can describe and give examples of accruals basis etc but seem to always fail on this section. I also always fail the 2.2 section of the synoptic. I really need help because I want to pass and move onto the AAT level 4, but I understand that the level 4 is more of a written exercise as well, so I need to know what the AAT need from me. I have passed all the green light tests, I have passed all the CBT's with my tutor as my witness, and I have learned pretty much all of my professional ethics, yet I always fail? Do i write too much? Do I need to use loads of key words? I am at a serious loss to understand where I am going wrong and it is starting to mess with my mental health since I have gotten so down about it. I feel I am doing everything right, yet I am always getting it wrong. Please, somebody help.


  • DorotaOmeally
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    Can you remind me what is section 1.3 and 2.2?
  • Robbo300
    Robbo300 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 2
    1.3 can be any question, regarding sustainability, or any ethical conflict and also the e-mail reply that you give to your employer / client regarding either financial statements or along them lines. The 2.2 is the spreadsheet, working with bookkeeping and financial statements etc. There is no definite question, it is whatever the AAT decide to ask about. But, it's mainly the 1.3 section, which is the written section I seem to have most trouble with. Even though I cover every angle (or so I think) I seem to get below requirement. It really confuses me because on my last exam I quoted practically word for word the UN Bruntland report quote, covered the 3 P's (Planet, People an Profit) and I know how to explain what a Going Concern is and what the Accruals basis is but I seem to have found no Mark's answering these questions? I was really confused.
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