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I want to go into accounting and have been looking at entry level roles and trainee roles after completing AAT Level 2. However, most of these ask for at least a few years of relevant accounts experience, which I don't have. Is it worth continuing with Level 3 or should I take a break?


  • KoopaCooper
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    Hi @Jammydodger, I was in a very similar position to you - when I started looking for work in this field I had no relevant work experience and only completed level 2.

    My advice - yes, it's completely worth carrying straight on into level 3; by maintaining my momentum, I showed potential employers that I was committed to my career plan, and actually I found that interviews came a lot more easily once I completed level 3 as well. When you don't have any relevant experience, you need something to make up for it, and qualifications are the best way I can think of doing that!

    (Actually, I got hired the same week I started level 4, it was already paid for and everything. If I hadn't been hired I would still have gone ahead with it anyway to show that I was sticking to my career plan)

    I wish you all the luck for 2020!
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    My best advice for you is to go to an accounting firm and have a solid experience for 3 year. As I remember, they do not require any experience to those who are applying and they even recommend fresh grads to apply to their firm. Happy new year to you.
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    My situation was similar. I finished my level 2 and started my level 3. Didn't get much response to applications for about 5 months. I ended up asking a local accountancy firm if I could get some work experience as I was worried about being over qualified and under experienced.

    Did the week and then was immediatly hired as a temp which changed to full time at the end of that year.

    Get your foot in the door when you hit about 6 months of experience you'll start to be contacted as long as your CV is visable.
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    Hi Jammydodger,

    I agree with the comments raised above in continuing with your Level 3 studies, showing a continued commitment to your studies would be very attractive to any potential future employer. This shows that you dedicated to the profession and are shaping your future career.
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    Hi Jammydodger,

    We have a vacancy on right now for an AAT Level 2 that doesn't require experience. Check it out.
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