Level 3 - Studying Online

Hi all!

I finished my Level 2 in December (awaiting my final results) and want to start Level 3 for the new year.

Level 2 was completed at college (1 day a week), but I wasn't impressed with my tutor and feel like I won't benefit joining him for Level 3, so have decided to go elsewhere. Unfortunately they are the only college that do Level 3 in January (which is possible for me to get to/close by), everywhere else starts September/October time.

I have decided to do Level 3 myself, but no idea where to begin - I'm not sure if I should just buy books and the AAT website or if I should do an online course.

I've seen First Intution and feel quite tempted to do there Online Live course, but there are so many providers out there I'm not sure what to look for. With regards to books and doing it myself - for Level 2 were BPP, they were ok but haven't had experience with other books so don't know if I should stick with BPP or try other books.

Any recommendations from people about their experiences, who they studied with and the books they used would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
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