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Selling Osbourne Books Level 4

eleconcaleleconcal Registered Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I am selling all my AAT ( AQ2016) Level 4 books ( tutorial and workbook) , including the optional materials : "Credit Management" and "Cash and Treasury Management" for £30. There are some notes written in pencil but there are easily erasable. If you are interested please let me know.

Happy to meet up and give them or if needed to be send the price will be £30 + postage.


  • d_r_andread_r_andrea Registered Posts: 2
    Hi I’m interested in the books are they still available?
  • eleconcaleleconcal Registered Posts: 2
    Hi d_r_andrea yes they still are. Do you want to collect them ? Or would you rather want me to send it to you?
  • d_r_andread_r_andrea Registered Posts: 2
    Where is collection?
  • ATranATran Registered Posts: 4
    Are those books still available?
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