After AAT Level 3 books - full set

Smash01 Registered Posts: 2

I’m self studying so am after a full set of level 3 books (tutorials and workbooks) preferably Osborne but wouldn’t mind bpp or Kaplan either.

Please let me know if you have some for sale for your price including postage



  • uncmonk27
    uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
    Hi there, I have the full set of osbourne books. Will post for £65 total
  • ATran
    ATran Registered Posts: 4
    @uncmonk27 are the books still available?
  • eliseconnolly
    eliseconnolly Registered, AAT Student Posts: 7
    Got the complete set of Osborne Level 3 books books in good condition, along with all the wise guides. Good condition, highlighting in some of the books which is show in the picture, more pictures avaliable on request. Questions throughout the book answered in pencil so easily able to erase. open to reasonable offers RRP over £200
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