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Hello all,

New to this forum and my first post. I am currently 24 years old working in the transport industry as a bus mechanic. I am looking to change careers into accounting. It was the career I wanted to pursue from leaving school but it never came about for various reasons.

I have no work experience in finance/accounting, though I have some transferable skills from my current line of work (working to deadlines, attention to detail, working under pressure, working with others etc).

I am looking to start with AAT level 2 via distance learning, before progressing to level 3. I have heard that going on to level 4 may produce a situation of being overqualified and under experienced. Is this true or would it be beneficial to do level 4?

Are there many truly entry level roles out there for qualified but inexperienced people? I understand I would be taking a pay cut in taking a role such as accounts assistant or similar to get my foot in the door.

I would be able to give time to volunteer at a practice each week if an opportunity to do so arose.

My end goal is to become chartered, through my research it seems ACA is more widely accepted? With some experience in an entry level position is it likely I would be able to find another position with an employer willing to put me through the ACA? I have no A levels, just a Level 3 Bus/Coach technician paper though I imagine that is irrelevant.

It may seem I am looking a little too far ahead given I haven't started the level 2 yet, but I do think it is important I know as much as I can to manage expectations and know what I'm working towards in advance.

Really appreciate any help or advice!

Thank you in advance,



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    I am in exactly this situation. I have completed levels 2 and 3 and am currently doing level 4 self taught. Bought the books myself, teach myself and use training providers who allow external candidates to sit my exams. Cost just the books and exam fees.

    I am led to believe I will be in the situation where I am over qualified with no experience and would not be able to jump into one of the job roles that are listed as the outcome for this level without gaining some experience.

    I understand I will probably have to take a pay cut at some point. I am currently a secretary. Trying to get some voluntary work would probably be the best option so you are gaining experience. I would just struggle to fit this in with work, kids, life, etc.
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