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how do you guys practice ?

Hi guys
I recently discovered that I don't know how to practice ? I spent hours in front of computer screen, watch videos but when the days ends I come to conclusion that I learnt nothing that day. I don't know how to practice so that I make progress. Do you use excel all the time when you practice ? Do you have any books where you can find standard exam questions ? Please help me in this matter.


  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 144
    You need to find out your method of learning.

    I personally learn a lot through reading and learnt through the osborne books

    1. Read the whole book not taking notes.
    2. Read each chapter and make relevant notes and complete questions at the end of each chapters.
    3. Do the 1st practice exams provided (there are some samples in the books, save 1 of the AAT samples)
    4. If any areas of weakness are found reread the chapter.
    5. If happy book the exam otherwise repeat earlier steps as necessary.
    6. The week/weekend before your exam take the last AAT sample to refresh your memory on the layouts.

    I found this method worked for me but others might want a larger question bank or make more notes.
    AAT Level 4, MAAT
  • rafapakrafapak Registered Posts: 26
    thanks for reply
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