The link doesn't work

Edyta89 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 2
Hi there!
Does someone know why this link doesn't work?
just wanted to do some practice assessments before my exam...


  • LouisCartledge
    LouisCartledge Registered Posts: 2
    I would double check that you are signed into your AAT account at
    Sometimes you have to close down the browser and then login again. I find that Chrome is also best to use and the least 'temperamental'!
    AAT Student
  • Edyta89
    Edyta89 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 2
    That was a general website. I didn't have to log in to do some practice assessments. But even if I log in to main AAT website, there are only two practice assessments for every unit, no more.....
    That link which I sent contained plenty of tests what was very useful.
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