Using Excel during AVBK exam?

Hi all,

I will be doing the AVBK exam fairly soon. Question, are you allowed to use excel during this exam? or are you limited to using a calculator?

I'm used to using excel for all my calculations. Knowing this info will help me to prepare accordingly.

Thanks in advance :-)



  • BuddyBookelle
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    edited February 2020
    Hi Nic.....No we don't use Excel in the computer based test. I was practicing doing my ETBs using Excel, which is so nice as it results in automatic totals, which allows easier corrections for balancing, then I opened up an AAT practice CBT and found I had to use a calculator, which is quite laboursome, so the more practice the better, and get used to adding manually using your calculator...PS. I take my advanced bookkeeping in 2 weeks ...eeek...

    The very best of luck in your exam...... :-)

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