Distance learning level 4

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Hi all. I achieved level 2 and level 3 with merit and aatqb. Set up own bookkeeping practice early last year under IAB supervision . Started level 4 end of last year with Newcastle College as only college accepting advanced learner loan. I’m probably slightly older than some . I’ve been trying to fit in the study, my few bookkeeping clients , school runs , driving wife to and from work each day and caring for my own recently widowed mother once a week 20 miles away. Finding it tough, and already 3 months in have yet to book my first exam. I’ve studied with kaplan and accountancy learning before who have both been amazing with the online platform. Sadly I am finding Newcastle college platform quite poor. Disjointed , and uses links to Kaplan’s materials, when links work. If I want to discuss anything with a tutor , I have to book a call in at a suitable time . There is no live tutor support etc . It’s all made me want to jack it in. Really got on great with previous studies but this time. I feel I’m doing it alone . There is no call from tutor to see how it’s going or progress. I also lost my uncle just before Christmas and had to supper mother at funeral etc and all took it’s tole on me mentally. I asked the college for a months pause, and was told that as they gave me 18 months access anyway there was no need as I still have until March 2021. Am I expecting to much from the college ? I feel I may aswell just bought books and done it alone without a learner loan . ( I have in the mean time purchased Osborne books for the course as no books are provided by the college ) where do I stand with pulling out as no support ? And 4 months of the loan paid already? Also, no where else seems to accept the advanced learner loans anymore, so can’t see point in having them ? I have emailed AAT regards this but no response . Again .
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