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How the SAGE examination is presented on your screen?


As far as I know one cannot print the examination questions/booklet during the examination itself. So does someone know if you can open SAGE and the exam questions side by side on your screen during the examination? Or do you need to keep switching windows using the ALT+TAB shortcut?

Thanks for your answers.

Johan :/


  • annefothannefoth Registered Posts: 21
    Did you find out what to do?
    I’ve got my exam this Friday and not sure how it works
    I have tried splitting the screen but not sure if there is an alternative
  • johanfor82johanfor82 Registered Posts: 5

    I don't recall whether you can split the screen in two during the exam session. But I recall using the ALT + TAB shortcut.

    Another important shortcut you may use is the Windows Key + D (show Desktop). This will help you when you are saving the PDF documents that you will need to upload at the end of the exam.

    Good luck

  • annefothannefoth Registered Posts: 21
    Thanks for your reply
    I have split the screen and seems to work for me so hoping I can split the screen in the exam
    Not sure what the windows button and D is for
    Was told to set up a folder and put on desktop to add the reports to
    Do you know about the windows button and prtsc for the screenshots
    The exam has been put back to the 19th March now which is good as we were going to have a mock on the Friday morning before spoke the exam in the afternoon of the 12th March
    Only had zoom lessons so hoping this Friday will go through navigating the aat site and uploading
    Can see there is an upload button on the aat
    When is your exam?
  • johanfor82johanfor82 Registered Posts: 5
    The Windows + D shortcut will display the desktop. For example, if you are viewing Google Chrome and press these buttons, all windows are minimized and the desktop with all the icons, etc will show up.

    I've taken this exam in March 2020.
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