Osbourne Practice Exam 1 help!!!

ChloePage99 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 3
I have attached 3 screenshots of what I am struggling with. The question is part e of task 3 on the first Osbourne practice paper. In the question it asks to complete the cash flow budget. for the materials payable it says they are expected to decrease by £16,000. So to do this I have taken my answer from part a) which shows "purchases of raw materials" of £150,000 and added the £16,000. However in the answer in the book it shows that they have used the "use in production" figure of £144,095 and then added the £16,000 to get to £160,095.

I was under the impression from doing other questions and from the text book that the purchases figure was to be used as this is what has actually been spent but I could be wrong

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