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Hi all
Just signed up a new client to register for VAT. He’s a sole trader landscape gardener. So when registering, the most appropriate SIC code was 81300 and subcode 004 (gardening) and the percentage is coming up as 12% (business not listed elsewhere). However, in the A-Z list of percentages (FRS7200) landscaping is categorised in General Building at 9.5%.
I would have thought it would be reasonable to use General Building as the word 'landscaping' actually stated. Anyone else had a similar query? BTW, when I rang the VAT hotline, she said "We really can't advise you which rate to use..." which wasn't particularly helpful! Look forward to hearing from anyone who has had a similar query, thanks!


  • Neillaw
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    I have a client who I've just set up as a Ltd company and he got quite upset to be classed as a gardener.
    He said that his work would entail driveways etc and we therefore decided to use the general building code.
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