Advanced Excel Course

Advanced Excel Course near New Barnet - London
To be trained in MS Excel is to be trained in the world’s most popular spreadsheet application. Over 750 million users around the world turn to Excel daily for presenting and analysing data. Having great knowledge of Excel is an essential critical skill for any office worker today as it is the one application that most businesses in the world need and use.

You will gain practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks that are taught by highly efficient, expert Microsoft Certified trainers with many years of experience. You will gain access to our extensive library of software help guides is included in the price. Our centre is easily accessible and is ideally located from places like New Barnet.

These Specialist Training courses are designed to focus on the principles of using MS Excel as a tool to support the topics below. The courses examine how best to utilise Excel to achieve these objectives.
1.Pivot Tables
4.Database Tools
6.Introduction to Financial Modelling
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