Am I qualified enough to process and file Financial Statements

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I am an MAAT. I am a director of two limited companies, neither are accountancy companies. I need to file the year end accounts, neither need auditing, both small company exemption status. Am I able to legitimately file the accounts for both these companies and am I able to be listed as the accountant in the accountants report?


  • NeilH
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    Anyone can prepare limited company accounts for filing, regardless of qualification or not. It is the director/s of the company who are ultimately responsible for the accounts and for signing them - there is not statutory requirement for an accountants report. If an accountants report is provided, it is to acknowledge what the accountants have done and indemnify themselves, strictly speaking it doesn't provide any form of assurance on the accounts (although some parties may require the report as if adds some credence to the accounts). Even if an audit was required, this is a separate exercise from preparing the accounts - I have in the past worked for businesses where we prepared the final accounts for filling and the auditors provided their own report for them.

    So in short, yes you can, assuming you have the skills and knowledge (format requirements, accounting standards, disclosures etc.)
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