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At college studying level 2 from February now college closed so looking through question bank
Can someone save my sanity and explain this
Mark Waugh starts in business. Before any sales he has purchased fixtures £12000 car £30000 and inventories £21000
Paid in full for fixtures and car but owes £8400 for some of the inventory
His brother has lent him £18000
Mark, after the above, has £16800 in the business bank account and £600 cash in hand
Calculate Marks capital

My questions
How has he funded the purchases and which account would be credited
Where has the £16800 and £600 appeared from
Is it from sales and is the £600 cash in hand a cash receipt
Or is this just a simple assets minus liabilities equals capital
I calculated £63000 minus £26400 equals £36600
But I am not sure of anything anymore


  • annefoth
    annefoth Registered Posts: 39
    I’ve now calculated assets as £80400 minus liabilities of £26400 equals £54000 capital
    Still not sure if the £600 is an asset or a drawing
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