Any Contacts in Ireland

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Can anyone help me.

I have a client whose son is working in Ireland washing cars, it would appear that he didn't get on with his boss and walked out.
The car wash is now sueing him for loss of reputation to the tune of 600 euros due to not being able to fulfil its contractural services to customers, loss of revenue, overtime costs and fees to find an alternative person. These have been quoted via an employment act from 1973.

I know that this clause does exist in the UK but is never triggered apart from specific jobs such as CEO's, CFO's, solicitors and accountants not for a general labourer.

If this had been a UK company i'd have told them to do one as you can't quantify substantial reputational damages, this was days before Dublin went into lockdown.

Is this normal for ireland or are they trying to pull a fast one as their business income has stopped.

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