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Hi everyone,

I just got my results for synoptic and I got 57% which is pretty awful.

I've never failed an exam yet although I was expecting it as I only had 4 weeks to do it. I found the test to be so different from the revision kit that I have no idea how I can improve. Does anyone have any tips/notes that could help me?

Thanks so much - and well done to everyone that passed it!


  • AAT_Team
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    @natwestbury Sorry you didn't get the result you were looking for! Don't give up though. We have a number of episodes of AAT Xtra dedicated to elements of PDSY. I hope they help with your revision and next sitting.
  • Ishrat
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    @natwestbury sorry to hear you didn't get through. I was in similar situation as you first time around, I never failed any exam expect synoptic. First time 60% and now with second attempt 74%.
    Same here, the layout and exam style questions were very different then practise papers. I was thrown away by that plus managing time was not possible. I think my revision wasn't too bad but I got panic with the level of information to read n understanding questions what it's asking you. Second time, I never had much time to revise less than a week. At one point I was soo close of canceling the exam but then went ahead just to try because the next sitting would have been in May.
    I would advise you, get used to of the questions, use information provided in exam to back up your answers. Try to manage the timing, I know it's very difficult.

    Yes, use AAT revision videos. It's really helpful.
  • matthew14
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    @natwestbury keep going you will get there, it's all about knowing what the examiner wants, the examiners report is really helpful!
    I got my result this week 86% first time pass and my advice would be to firstly do as many practice questions and mocks as you can to get a feel for the questions - have a look at the mark scheme as well to get a feel for points they want.
    I really focused on Q1 and 5 if you can get 38/40 or so there then it's only averaging 8 for the other 4 questions. Q1 is all about practice and topics are often similar in each paper there.
    Q3 is always similar although I got an identifying fraud question but as long as you take the time to read through the info in the scenario the answers are always in there, likewise Q6 the extra info is given for a reason.
    Q2 Look at the advantages and disadvantages of literally every single budget type
    Then there are some good videos online - I found the AAT preparation ones, LSBF and Nick Craggs were really helpful. I also went through literally every single revision aid on the AAT site.
    In the exam also it sounds obvious but take time to read the question thoroughly through so you are not wasting time answering something that they don't want since you will know how tricky it is worded sometimes, and try and link in the pre release whenever possible even if you just put in a few staff names in - I also said a few times how Ruby Dale is looking to expand and diversify even just a sentence or two.
    Hope that helps and good luck for your next attempt!
  • natwestbury
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    Thank you all for your comments.
    I've ordered the flip cards from Kaplan and will definitely check out the videos. In my exam paper, I found Q1 and Q5 to be quite different from the practice tests too. I'm definitely going to re-do a lot of the practice papers, I think I was quite unfortunate in that a lot of content I thought would feature didn't. In hindsight I also didn't refer to the pre-release much - I was so focused on the content and then ran out of time! Fingers crossed for next time :)
  • JuliaMay9
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    Hi guys,

    I am the self studying Pdsy and would like to ask you about the revision topics for task 1 . What’s actually needed to revised in advanced booking ( level 3) ?

    Thank you
  • matthew14
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    @JuliaMay9 For Q1 it could be literally anything from levels 2/3, but the main things I focused on were things like whether errors detected affect the Trial Balance or not, which transactions affect cash/profit, features of organisational structures eg one with many levels against one without, ethics is a big one, then obviously internal controls too. It's very wide ranging but practice papers will give you a better idea. The key with Q1 I think is to find as many practice questions as possible simply because it is so wide ranging.
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