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Synoptic Level 4 - Appeal

Sineadpollard01Sineadpollard01 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
Hi all,

I have just received my results for AAT Level 4 Professional Synoptic I got 68% would anyone else consider appealing if they received this result? or has anyone previously?


  • natwestburynatwestbury Registered, AAT Student Posts: 4
    Hi - I know someone that appealed their results at 69% after taking the exam in November and the result came back the same unfortunately. Super frustrating! I think if it was me I would probably pay the £30 on the off chance it would come back favourable. Good luck!
  • Sineadpollard01Sineadpollard01 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
    edited April 23
    Thank you, I weren't sure if to just pay for a resit or chance paying the £35 for a remark
  • fedemennifedemenni MAAT, AATQB Posts: 94
    I would suggest to re-do it. I have done couple of appeals in the past but the % never changed
  • abbi_24abbi_24 Registered Posts: 4
    > @Sineadpollard01 said:
    > Hi all,
    > I have just received my results for AAT Level 4 Professional Synoptic I got 68% would anyone else consider appealing if they received this result? or has anyone previously?

    Hi Sinead,

    I failed in November by 1% and appealed for £35 and they didn’t change my mark. I’m sorry to say it is probably best off resitting. I had my results today and have finally passed.
    I know how frustrating it is but they won’t change the mark.
    Good luck.
  • Sineadpollard01Sineadpollard01 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
    @fedemenni & @abbi_24 Thank you both! I will just resit the exam then.

    @abbi_24 how did you pass this?
  • DsynopticDsynoptic Registered Posts: 2
    edited April 23
    I am thinking to send an email and request better break down of my results. I got really low marks for question I felt strong about. Very disappointing AAT is not doing anything - they have to see something is wrong with how they prepare the exam or how they mark it. I would like to see official rate of passing.
  • abbi_24abbi_24 Registered Posts: 4
    @Sineadpollard01 I focused my attention on getting exceeded on question 5 which is the ratio analysis question. I had to make sure that I was rounding to the correct amount each time. As i failed for this previously. Also make sure you know as much as you can about percentages and finding the difference between percentages etc. First time round I made the mistake of thinking I would just be calculating ratios that I knew off by heart.
    Also, a lot of the questions were similar to my first attempt. For example I had a cost benefit analysis table on both attempts. I made sure that I got exceeded on this task as well, I did AAT practice assessments and used the answers to make sure I had the answers they were looking for. Also used a few YouTube vids and made notes, lots of them.
    On the AAT Facebook page there is a really good budgeting video to help with the synoptic exam, this helped me prepare for question 2.
    I think as long as you just aim to get exceeded in 3-4 out of the 6 questions you should pass. I am not just offering this advice, there was a podcast that was emailed to me by the AAT back in September, that offered this exact advice. I shall try to find the link and post it for you.
    @Dsynoptic if you appeal, they may not change your mark, however they do supply you with a breakdown of each question and how you performed on each one. You do have to fork out £35, but may be worth it to see exactly what you did wrong. Expect it to be frustrating though, when I got 69% last time, I appealed and my report just said how well I’d done with exception of a couple of minor errors (the rounding in question 5), this was even more annoying knowing I’d done well, they still didn’t change my mark though.
    I didn’t feel like carrying on after that, but I did and now I’m done for good. Just use every tool you have and you will get there :)
  • matthew14matthew14 Registered Posts: 8
    @Dsynoptic I looked through the mark scheme on each practice assessment for each of the written questions to get a feel for how they want the questions answered. Unfortunately it seems sometimes quite a narrow answer but you get the idea of how to answer it in future
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