Joining the IFA as an FMAAT MIP

Hi everyone

I have been looking into joining the IFA alongside my AAT membership and was wondering if any other MIPs have joined them and what are the benefits if any?

From what I have gathered, they are a level above AAT and (now) require you to sit some exams to be an associate. On the basis that I am 4 exams off completing CIMA, I have been an FMAAT for 6 years, an AAT MIP for 5 years and I have extensive experience at senior level in industry, I have asked to go in at fellow level with them without sitting any exams.

Will be interesting to see what they say.

On another topic, they offer a tax qualification (that used to be under the FTA) but this is 10 modules / exams at a cost of £770 per exam, so £7,700. I believe the ATT would be a cheaper option and offers a fast track route to CIOT membership, whereas the ATT and CIOT do not recoginise the IFA tax qualification for exemptions.


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    I'm a member of the IFA. I did it just in case I ever need to sign anything and AAT gets rejected.

    You will probably get in due to your CIMA studies (I don't think AAT, MAAT, FMAAT or MIP will help).

    If I was you I would do ATT rather than the IFA tax qualification. Mainly because ATT leads to CTA whereas the IFA tax qualification leads to nowhere.
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