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Hi all I attempt the synoptic exam June2020.. I failed unfortunately and was wondering if anyone had trouble on part2 flex budget question.. may be it's just me and could someone possibly explain me please...
Thank you


  • Lewisham_lass
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    Hi Nina,

    Flexing a budget is all about getting to the standard cost per unit. Once you have the cost for one unit , you can multiply this by the amount needed in flexed budget.

    Some costs will be fixed and remain the same example rent.

    Others will be fully variable and you must divide the cost by output to arrive at cost per single unit, and then multiply by output of new flexed budget.

    Others are semi - variable and you will need to calculate the fixed and variable element of that using the High-low method. Suggest you revise this as you'll need it for sure.

    Some costs are stepped and step up when say volume passes 20,000 units - this may be because there is a set number of units a supervisor can manage and above this we need a new supervisor.

    The AAT has help on this here https://www.aatcomment.org.uk/learning/study-tips/flexing-budgets/

    If you login to AAT online they have a few days ago updated their training resources so there should be lots of new videos. help guides, articles etc, which should explain better. just watch the videos etc on there and they can explain better than anyone on here. good luck with it!

    I hope this helps.
  • Lewisham_lass
    Lewisham_lass Registered Posts: 52
    Quite a simplistic video here, but suggest you log into AAT and use their videos primarily.

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