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Good price for year end and corporation tax calculation

ktucker1989ktucker1989 MAAT Posts: 7
I prepare the monthly accounts for my partners Ltd company. It is his first year end and I just need someone to prepare his year end accounts (abbreviated as he is a very small business) and calculate his corporation tax liability as I've never done this before. How much is a reasonable price to pay for this service? Most companies are quoting to do all the work and I've done 90% of it myself already.


  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 196
    I would expect around £500.00 to be a reasonable price although impossible to say without knowing exactly what is involved.
    I am sure you could find firms willing to do it cheaper than this and others who would be more expensive.
  • NeillawNeillaw New Member RossendaleMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 279
    Have you tried any of your local AAT licenced members
  • ktucker1989ktucker1989 MAAT Posts: 7
    I have done a search on the aat website and apparently there isn't anyone within 20 miles of me that provides these services
  • Buhir_the_BookkeeperBuhir_the_Bookkeeper Cardiff & BristolRegistered Posts: 34
    Amazing I offer this service for bookkeeper's at 250for tAx return and 600 for the Ltd company accounts.
    I offer a basic ltd company , Accounts and confirmation statement and corporation tax return and directors tax return for around 1800 pound plus vat.
    Have you tried go proposal it is a great templated proposal and pricing software. Benchmark efi is charged as an accountant in Cardiff.
    Another thing to look into when you charge on your clients is value based pricing this will enable you to increase your fees quite considerably when you are pitching to the client. Even if it is a tax return accountant in Cardiff.
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