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Is AAT worth it?

Taypen0Taypen0 Registered Posts: 2
Hello everyone was wondering if AAT is worth it, I’ve seen varying ideas regarding that’s it hard for job opportunities? Or should I go down the route if ACCA or CIMA


  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, MAAT, AATQB Posts: 304
    edited June 2020
    Hi Taypen0,

    I can honestly say that studying AAT is so worth it! - the professional knowledge and skills that you learn by studying AAT really can open up doors and new opportunities in your career. It really gives you a great foundation of accounting before commencing further chartered accounting or tax studies.

    AAT is highly admirable qualification, employers are constantly looking for the skills which you learn from the AAT syllabus.

    I personally wish I found AAT after I left school, it took me quite a few years after before stumbling across it, and I believe its a game changer!

    Why not study AAT, achieve the letters after your name and then decide on continuing with further qualifications. This way you not only achieve the letters but you gain further professional knowledge and are then exempt from certain levels/exams on the ACCA & CIMA syllabuses.

    The link below is taken from the AAT website '10 great reasons to study AAT', which may be of use:

    Best of luck with your decision :)
    Completed AAT in March 2020
    Currently Studying: CIMA 'Operational Level'
  • zebra246zebra246 Registered Posts: 57
    Does your question mean, "Will the cost, time and effort put into gaining AAT qualifications reap benefits greater than the investment in terms of increased salary and opportunities?"

    If so, my experience is that AAT is almost worthless without the accompanying necessary work experience. I passed AAT levels 3 and 4 first time but no company would give me an accounting role or even an interview as I had no work experience in an accounting role.

    I doubt many people on this forum have no accounting work experience so my experiences are largely irrelevant to most here. However, it does emphasise the fact that work experience is, in my opinion, far more important than the qualifications.
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