Are the most recent books needed?

I have 3 exams left to take: Budgeting, Personal Tax and the Synoptic.

I was looking at picking up some second-hand Kaplan study books, but of course the books are updated every year with the Budget.

As a result, I'm a bit confused - even though I'm on the AQ2016 course, are the computer based assessments updated every year to use the latest figures, and so the older books are out of date? Or can older books be used as long as they're for the AQ2016 course? Or in this case does it only matter for Personal Tax?



  • Lewisham_lass
    Lewisham_lass Registered Posts: 52 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐

    I have been using some older books for the more general modules, you should be OK to use slightly older versions for the synoptic and budgeting (as more calculation based) & buying new for the personal tax module.
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