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Self employed tax return

Hak06Hak06 Registered Posts: 1

Hi there I need some help from some one who knows about accounting. 
I am a self employed mini cab drivers in London. Last time I have done a tax return through an account was in 2012. Since then i have not submitted any tax return. I even missed last self assessment tax return.
Now how can I get it right with out going to jail. I cannot change job cause new job will ask for p45, which I don't have. 
Call me laze or ignorance but I am fuked. Now can anyone help me to get out off it.


  • Pian32Pian32 MAAT Posts: 337
    You'll want to find an accountant in your area who can go through everything with you. You'll probably have to do returns for the years you have missed and pay any tax that was due on them plus interest and possibly penalties.

    I would say you need a local accountant to sit down and go through everything with you as no one can fully advise you in this situation without the numbers.
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