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Hi Everyone,

I have just restarted my AAT studies, and this time instead of using a training proivider I am going to self teach via the tools on the AAT website.

I have already taken my Bookkeeping Transactions exam (in 2018) however thought it was a good idea to cover off the content again as it was a little while since I have done any studying.

The the thing is, i noticed on my Learning Portal within AAT, there is no module / unit on Trial balances?

I have covered everything within the E-Learning drop down, however nothing on Trial balances???

Is it me? I thought i could study my AAT in this way......

thanks so much everyone :)



  • bpsenoj
    bpsenoj Registered Posts: 4
    I should also mention I have already passed my Bookkeeping Transactions Exam, however wanted to refresh?
  • EmilyOrange
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    Hi Ben,

    I'm not sure how others use the AAT e-learning material but I'm using it purely for revision/supplementary study as I don't feel it goes into as much detail as the study materials in the books I'm using for my distance learning course.

    Although I'm finding it a great way to supplement my learning as things can be explained in a different way to my main learning provider and I find that I then 'get' things more. I don't think I would find it as useful on it's own though but it's a great way to test myself, especially on some of the trickier ideas or modules.

    Not sure if this is helpful but thought I'd share my experience with the e-learning materials.

    Good luck with your studies :)

  • bpsenoj
    bpsenoj Registered Posts: 4
    Hi Emily,

    Thats really helpful, thank you.

    You are right the E-learning area is just to supplement the studys.

    good luck to you,

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