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Hi there,

I've just completed self studying the AAT level 2, using text books from Osborne and BPP exam kits.

I'm fairly confident I've managed to cover this level well enough.

For level 3, I was thinking of enrolling with a Distance Learning provider as I've heard it is quite a step up, the ones I have taken a look at is Kaplan, Firstintuition and BPP...

I wanted to get some recommendations of the best one out there, as I'm quite unsure which one to go for.

Another option is to carry on self studying, if anyone has experience with that for level 3.

All the help will be greatly appreciated.



  • amurray
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    Hi there,

    I starting self studying AAT Levels 2 and Levels 3 by using Osborne Books and then later decided to use an online provider. However moved to First Intuition for my Level 4 studies. I just wish I had found them much sooner, their materials, support and customer service is just second to none! - I really cant rave enough about their materials and online pre-recorded lectures. First Intuition also offer live online sessions which are great! - Check out their social media and website as they normally have some offers on like 25% off!

    Really really cant recommend them enough.... you will not be disappointed.

    I cant comment personally on Kaplan/BPP as I have no experience with them (except from having one Level 4 unit practice question book, which was a great extra revision tool). However I have a colleague who currently studies with Kaplan and he speaks very highly of them, saying their materials and support are super duper!

    Good luck with choosing your tuition provider for Level 3 :)
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