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I will not go in to boring details of my situation but I am looking for a full set for both levels. Myself and partner have just been finished from our furlough and was hoping second hand ones could be picked up cheaper than buying direct as money is tight at the moment...also which publisher is the best as I never know what's the best to choose.

Happy to pay for the postage too.

Any help would be much appreciated. Xx


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    Hi! Sorry, i haven't got a set of books to sell but just wanted to let you know that the osbourne sets are brilliant! It's not hard to follow for someone with no business or accounting knowledge/understanding - highly recommend.

    I reckon Amazon or Ebay might be a good place to start?
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    I have often seen quite a few second hand AAT books on eBay (from various providers, but mainly seen Osborne books on there), which are very good books. I have also seen various independent AAT Facebook groups where books are being sold.

    I would just say be careful when purchasing and check that the books are in date on the current AQ2016 syallbus.

    Good luck with your studies! :)
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    Hi, I have got the complete set of Osborne level 3 books in good condition, along with all the wise guides. Good condition, highlighting in some of the books which are shown in the picture, more pictures available on request. Questions throughout the book answered in pencil so easily able to erase. open to reasonable offers RRP £200
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