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Hi All,
I am registered with a training provider at the moment to do level 2. I want to do level 3 by the self-study route. How do I go about this? I have already bought the books. Do I have to let AAT know or can I just book the assessments?
Also is there a certain order you need to do the assessments in?

Any advice will be appreciated.



  • chewyshaun
    chewyshaun Registered Posts: 7

    I did the same, ordered the books and just booked the exams with a third part test centre, no need to notify AAT.
    In terms of order of study, having just sat the synoptic yesterday I would probably do Final Accounts, Advanced bookkeeping, Management Accounts and then ethics. The first part of the Synoptic will cover ethics and chuck in some random questions from the other modules. Spreadsheet tasks again can be a mixture of anything. You can sit the exams in any order but obviously the synoptic which covers ethics would need to be taken last.
  • Rusty08
    Rusty08 Registered Posts: 8
    Thanks a lot for your feedback. Was a great help.
  • BBarrett
    BBarrett Registered Posts: 9 New contributor 🐸
    Yeah I might so self study -= am thinking about it - its way cheaper an like yo say you just pay and sit the exams when your ready
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