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Today I had my Level 3 Synoptic In Worcester. Found it very easy... i found the practice assessments harder than that!
Does anyone know how i access the grade calculator? i managed to last year for level 2?

If anyone else has sat this exam i hope it went well! Roll on 6 weeks time for results!!!!!!


  • Louis1999
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    Hi, that's good to hear and good luck with your results! - I've got my Level 3 synoptic on the 22nd August, so counting down the days for that.

    How did you find the ethics part of the exam? - That's the bit I'm struggling with the most at the moment, it's not that it's hard, it's just so boring and I can't get motivated to study for it as much as the practical elements. Was the questions more scenario based like the mocks or was they more wanting you to explain regulations and what bodies do what etc.?

  • G10
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    Hello, thank you. And Good luck to you too!!

    The things the first section of the paper I took covered was Material mistake, Sustainability of changing from EU supplier to UK, Professional conduct in relation to taxation, Money laundering, however this was a time ago now so I have forgotten the exact questions.
    The excel section made me input the headers etc, for the statement of profit or loss....

    Sorry I can't remember more! Good luck again,
  • sine_nomine
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    Retook the Synoptic 3 yesterday. The software unlocks the task bar, which then flashes on and off. Worse than distracting a distinct threat if you, like me, have an epileptic condition. The AAT should put this right. I have sailed through all the other exams with high marks, but despair of passing the synoptic because my concentration goes under the strain.
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    I originally sat the Synoptic exam back in June & got 50%, I failed to prepare fully regarding how to structure the typed answers. I had all the knowledge required to pass but I was unaware the email & ethical threats & principles needed to be structured.
    on the Excel tasks I knew I did terribly as my ETB didn't balance & I had dodgy management accounts Limiting Factors task in 2.1.

    2nd time around in Mid September my answers were a lot more structured for the email & ethics part 1.3
    Excel was slightly easier as I knew how to complete all the formulas, I did struggle slightly as they required Row X & Column ? to be frozen (I could only management to freeze the row). I did have a slight meltdown on 2.2 as it wanted the contribution per unit factoring a discount % but I got there in the end.

    I hope this helps going forward.

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    Hi - i hope you did well!
    I took mine in August so the results are out today! Bit disappointed that the % result is out today, but you still have to wait for the website to update to your overall grade - i can't find the grade calculator either!
    I found free typing the answers quite hard and i was not as speedy on excel as i had hoped. I should have practised excel a bit more. But think i have done ok! I hope everyone else has too!
  • Shelly1980
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    I’m studying again to attempt synoptic since last year, I’m dreading it. What tasks were in your exams ?
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    Hi, Has anyone had histogram on the exam ?
    I'm revising everything to December exam
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    @Shelly1980 and @redrose67 please remember, it is not permitted to share any details or content from any live assessments.

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    Hi All, I have my exam in 2 weeks does anyone know if you need to get 70% on part 1 and 70% on part 2 or is it 70 % over the total exam. Hope that makes sense.
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