How to prepare level 4 exam

I am trying 3rd time in level 4.I paid £2200 to college but I haven’t sat a exam. I don’t know how to start my study and concentrate,can anyone help me please to schedule my revision, I am ready to pay private tuition as well


  • amurray
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    Hi Uzi,

    When you say you have paid a college is this a Further education college or a Distance learning provider?

    If it’s a Further Education college - have you been enrolled for a while and missed the tuition period (i.e. lessons)?

    If you are with a distance learning provider I would contact their student services or your tutor and come up with a realistic and achievable study plan. You’ll be surprised at the help they can offer you, as ofcourse they want to see you pass!

    Look forward to your reply and will try and help wherever I can 😊
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